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JY01 BLDC Motor driver IC For Hall Sensor Or Sensorless BLDC Motor

    • JY01 BLDC Motor driver IC For Hall Sensor Or Sensorless BLDC Motor
    • JY01 BLDC Motor driver IC For Hall Sensor Or Sensorless BLDC Motor
    • JY01 BLDC Motor driver IC For Hall Sensor Or Sensorless BLDC Motor
  • JY01 BLDC Motor driver IC For Hall Sensor Or Sensorless BLDC Motor

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: JUYI
    Model Number: JY01

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 pcs
    Packaging Details: Carton+packing foams
    Delivery Time: 5-30days
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 1000 pcs per day
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    Detailed Product Description
    Operating Voltage: 4.5-5.5V Drive Mode: SPWM
    Sensor: Hall Sensor Or Sensorless Operating Temperature: -40-85 ℃
    Overload Protection: Yes Constant Current Drive: Yes
    Current Close- Loop: Yes

    JY01 Brushless DC Motor Control IC For Hall Sensor Or Sensorless BLDC Motor

    JY01 BLDC Motor driver IC For Hall Sensor Or Sensorless BLDC Motor



    JY01 features



    JY01 is special designed control IC for brushless DC motor driver, applied to Hall sensor BLDC motor or sensorless BLDC motor, its easy to application, peripheral circuit is simple, low costs, SPWM drive mode with low noise, high efficiency, stable quality and professional technical support,JY01 has been quickly approved by many electronic engineers.

    JY01 has been widely used in many fields, such as:brushless DC fan, brushless DC pump, lawn mower, scooter,balanced car, robot, scientific instruments and equipment,auto fuel pump, electric Windows, electric seat adjustment,air-conditioning fan, electric rearview mirror adjustment,such as home appliances such as vacuum cleaners, airconditioning, plumbing equipment, high-end children's toys, model aircraft, model cars, model, etc.; It has also been widely used in handheld tools such as grinding machines, hand drills, engraving machines, electric screwdrivers, etc




    Working voltage: 4.5 v-5.5 V.
    Working temperature: -40-85 ℃
    Drive mode: SPWM
    Daul drive mode : With Hall senor or sensorless
    Adaptive motor: no hall motor/hall motor.
    Steering control: positive/negative
    Soft reversing: Yes
    Speed signal: Yes
    Overload protection: Yes
    Current closed loop: Yes
    Constant current drive: Yes
    Blocking protection: Yes
    Soft starting: yes
    Special technology: JYKJ full condition safety start function
    Speed adjustment: linear
    Soft start period:1 S,3 S,10S optional


    JY01 is integrated 2 in 1 control IC for Hall or sensorless brushless DC motor, which makes it very easy to
    application in use, please pay attention before circuit design and application.
    1: JY01 for Hall sensor motor driver, connect Pin 1 to Vss or connect 5V while power on, JY01 will drive as Hall way.
    2: JY01 for Sensorless motor driver, offer 0.1V -4V to Pin 1, JY01 will drive as Sensorless way.
    Pin 1 is multi-function pin, there are three operational states:
    1: JY01 in application settings when power on.
    2: This pin is a Enable control pin under Hall way,High-level voltage is normal drive,Low-level voltage is
    forbidden-drive (no output)
    3: This pin is Start torque adjustment pin under Sensorless way,voltage range:0.1V-2V.
    Please confirm the application state of JY01 before the design.

    a) Start torque setting:The Start torque setting is important for sensoless motor starting,the
    Start torque is related with the motor performance. the motor will not start or hard to start if
    the start torque is small,the motor will shake or reversing if the Start torque is too high.
    Initial application debugging according to the motor load,follow the steps as follow:

    i.Connect a 20K potentiometer to 0 V and 5 V ,the middle pin connect to JY01 IC I pin.
    ii.Adjust the potentiometer to 0 V (Start torque 0) when power on.
    iii.Input speed regulation signal to VR pin from 0V to 5V,and check the motor start or not
    iv.If the motor can not start or start abnormal,can add the potentiometer value to 0.1 V then
    repeat Step iii, if the motor still not start,then add to 0.2V/0.3V/0.4V of the potentiometer and
    repeat Step iii till the motor start.

    v.If the motor reversing when start,it means the Start torque is high,it should reduce the Start
    torque for normal start, Otherwise long time reversing will damage the motor and MOSFET.

    b) Overload protection and current sampling resistance setting:JY01 has perfect overload
    protection function,it has overload protection and abnormal current protection function
    when the current sampling resistor value R is correct set. When Is pin voltage meet to
    0.1V,overload monitoring will start,and turn to Constant current state,the drive current will not
    change, no matter the VR voltage getting higher or lower and the load getting bigger or
    less.In this state,JY01 will keep offering constant drive power to motor. if the Is pin voltage
    meet to 0.2V or more ,the protection will activated in 4.5 μs.
    R value selection method
    R value formula I = 0.1/R
    I:value of constant current (unit:Amp)
    0.1: JY01 Is pin voltage
    R:current limit resistance(unit:Ohm)
    For example:working current:3A,set the safety constant current to 5A , when the current
    meet to 5A or more,the programme will keep the current at 5A.so according to formula
    I=0.1/R, R=0.1/5=0.02 Ohm,so Overload protection and current sampling power resistor
    should be 20 mOhm

    c) Blocking protection:the blocking protection will activated and stop output if the motor not
    start normal in 3 second, reduce the VR voltage to 0 to quit the protection, rise the VR voltage
    to restart the motor.




    JY01 BLDC Motor driver IC For Hall Sensor Or Sensorless BLDC MotorJY01_V3.5_2018-English.pdf

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