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OWO INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO.,LTD Changzhou OWO international trading Co.,Ltd was established by three manufacturers in 2017, our main products:DC motor drivers and controllers,brushless DC water ...

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Every OWO product has complete manufacturing processes and strict quality control. A bidirectional quality control system adequately return all imperfect feedback or satisfactory feedback to us,and we ...

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Address : No.8 Tianshan road,Changzhou city,Jiangsu,China

Worktime: 9:00-18:00 (Beijing time)

Email : sales@czowo.com

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OWO INTERNATIONAL is a VC joint venture company by three manufacturing-type enterprises in 2017.we have complete managment system and mature production line with more than 8 years experience. OWO INTERNATIONAL focued on integration of resources ,centralized marketing promotion and professional business managment,make the client get reliable product...


Research & Development: OWO engineers and technicians are experienced in developing industrial electronic products,such as brushless DC motor drivers and controllers,stepper motor drivers and controllers,brushless DC motor products, special industrial power supply,automobile electronic products and other automatic control solutions. &...

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we have 8 professional-class engineers include 2 electronic harware engineers,2 electronic software engineers,2 electrical engineer and 2 products engineer as our powerful techincal support.we offering wide range industrial electronic products development.   we have 6 functional departments including international business department...


Address: No.8 Tianshan road,Changzhou city,Jiangsu,China

Factory Address:NNo.28 Shunyuan road,Changzhou city,Jiangsu,China & No.1199 Yunpin road,Jiading district,Shanghai,China